ApplyChargingReport ETSI


The N-Squared ASN.1 codec for the INAP ApplyChargingReport ETSI operation supports the following argument attributes for encode/decode.

These attributes are used when variant = ‘etsi’.

Field Type Description
<anon> Object CHOICE
This element is a choice. Specify at most one of the following options.
[Required]: This element is required to be present.
.CallResult Binary String OCTET STRING, UNIVERSAL 4, IMPLICIT, Tag Byte = 04
The value is the raw encoded bytes for this element.
This binary field value also provides a hex mechanism for encoding and decoding.
This element is one of the possible alternatives for the containing CHOICE.
.CallResult_hex [0-9a-fA-F]+ Hex String. Alternate encode source.
The hex string value must always consist of an even number of characters.
For encoding, either [a-f] and [A-F] (upper-case or lower-case) may be used.
Will always be set (using lower-case) on decode when source field is present.