Make Password


The mkpasswd binary program allows users to quickly generate either a sha1 or bcrypt encoded password for admin or user management GUI accounts. The default installation location for this binary is /usr/share/n2svcd/bin/n2svcd.

Once generated, see Manage App configuration for more information.

Running mkpasswd with no flags will show the program usage.


    mkpasswd [sha1|bcrypt]

        sha1    Generate a password using SHA1 encoding.

        bcrypt  Generate a password using bcrypt encoding.

    One of either sha1 or bcrypt must be specified.


Specifying sha1 will encode the entered password using SHA1 encoding. SHA1 is generally only recommended if the BCyrpt libraries are not available.

Usage Example

./mkpasswd sha1
Password: <test>
Re-Enter: <test>
[Encrypted] = ELxz9a/ndL.0.Gho:dP93iZzpUuCE69JjWj3lEBB5heY


Specifying bcrypt will encode the entered password using BCrypt encoding.

Usage Example

./mkpasswd bcrypt
[Encrypted] = XteB7S5Nm39DvFCh:63551729e02b6d2a45f65a7d95f0ce40def55d7036a570