Mission-Critical Solutions

N-Squared provides custom software and services for non-Telco clients requiring mission-critical custom software solutions within New Zealand and internationally.

OCNCC/OC3C Services

We are an Oracle Gold Partner, specializing in the deployment of Oracle Communications Network Charging & Control (OCNCC) and Convergent Charging Controller (OC3C).

Telecommunications Products

N-Squared offers products in the Telecommunications space, including a SIP IVR, and other real-time call control and management components.

N-Squared Software

“Actually, we're n log n. But that takes too long to explain.”

Where Are We Based?

N-Squared’s home offices are in Palmerston North, New Zealand. But we travel extensively for our international project work.

What Motivates Us?

We want to see the solutions we create and support being used to solve interesting and relevant real-world problems. Who wouldn’t?

What Technology Do We Use?

We address complete solutions within a client’s domain, which means that we need to span a wide range of languages and frameworks.

Whom Do We Hire?

We hire locally-based staff with exceptional general skills, and support them to learn our specific domains and technologies.