SIP-based IVR platform with IN SCP Integration.

The N-Squared Specialized Resource Platform (N2SRP) is a standards-based audio delivery platform which operates either as:

  • An INAP-Controlled Specialized Resource Function (SRF), or
  • A standalone, scripted IVR interaction platform.



INAP-Controlled IVR

The N-Squared N2SRP can operate as an INAP-Controlled Specialized Resource Function.

In this model, all service logic is performed on the SCP platform, and INAP operations are used to instruct the IVR which announcements should be played.

The N2SRP is compatible with any CAMEL or INAP Service Control Platform, such as the Service Logic Controller (SLC) node from Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control (OCNCC) or Convergent Charging Controller (OC3C) product, or other SCP platforms.

Standalone IVR

The N-Squared IVR can also operate in standalone mode, where service logic is performed independently on the IVR platform, using scripts written in the LUA scripting language.

The scripted logic may include interaction with external platforms over supported procotols including Diameter, SOAP, and REST/http(s). This allows the platform to support services such as subscriber self-management, balance query, dynamic menus, etc.

OCNCC Extensions

Standalone Products