N2 IN Tester (N2INT)

Multi-protocol, GUI-driven, automated, end-to-end test tool.

The N-Squared IN Tester provides an all-in-one GUI-driven test-design.

The solution supports the design of complete end-to-end tests. For example, a single test case could reset subscriber state, reset subscriber balance, perform a simulated voice call to the SCP, then query and validate the balance, and check for expected Call Data Record fields.

The solution supports different protocols:

  • Diameter Event
  • Diameter Session
  • CAMEL/INAP Voice Call
  • SMPP
  • RESTful API
  • FTP Fetch
  • Arbitrary Logic
  • Call Data Record Lookup
  • OCNCC Provisioning Interface (PI)
  • OCNCC Open Services Development (OSD)

The solution supports:

  • Test Suites & Batch Execution
  • Scheduled Execution
  • Drill-Down Message Analysis

Supported use cases include:

  • Pre-Paid Charging
  • Pre-Paid Subscriber Self-Management
  • Toll-Free, Universal Access Number, Premium Rate, Tele-Voting
  • Voice VPN and Closed User Group
  • Short Messaging
  • Data Sessions

Network engineers can perform advanced functions, and analyze byte-level protocol messages. High-Level, business testers can use templating features to quickly create tests for rating, subscriber life-cycle, and other functional testing.

When a test shows “all green”, it can be scheduled to run regularly as an automated regression test, to quickly alert if a new patch or configuration change breaks previously working base system features.


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